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Taylor Swift - You Need To Calm Down in the Live Lounge
BBCRadio1VEVO — Published 2 weeks ago
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Taylor Swift performs You Need To Calm Down in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge

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m. mache
m. mache Taylor Swift it's always before you start eat your what ever is or drink what ever is you have to test it first ist testy or not testy take it of me that is my style of life after all the experience in my life with general natural pure I did satle on my design it's 100 percent perfect design I don't know about you but looking charming lots of sugar sweet in you can be testy girls just in 8 times 5 billions like it like it really like live the rest to you congratulations by Hollywood mo RAAD Artists and judges in general Seleberity singer's Actors Actress models fashions beginnings stars singer's strictly come dance songs writer don't be surprised by Google youtube proof and proved by mo RAAD Artists and judges on YouTube International? Mo?
김낚시 Love you so much Taylor♥
Dianne Llena
Dianne Llena Listening to Taylor calms me
Canadian Peasant
Canadian Peasant Taylor sings what she is paid to sing, by night she sacrifices children on the altar of Baal, the god of greed.