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Panel erupts over conversation of race, Trump - Vidozee

Panel erupts over conversation of race, Trump
CNN — Published 1 year ago
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Panelists discuss race and President Donald Trump, following a number of racial incidents caught on camera.

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jojo218 that jerkoff making stories up what about the pedophile that donated to every dem lol
jojo218 this is reason why illegal immigration don't work cus the thing that we have in common is English and when you come to America right way as immigrant you need to know English and write English know history to simulate
jojo218 cnn wants a race wars they act like blacks and whites are killing each other lol
jojo218 CNN is like a bad comedy channel lol
Khalid Mehmued
Khalid Mehmued Poor Steven. He was ready to make such GREAT points but he was cornered by 3 weak minded wanna be victim individuals. What our great country needs is an educated conversation. Not an attack on a person that is actually thinking for himself and his own beliefs