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Pixel 3a + 3a XL Impressions: A Nexus for 2019, or Google's $399 iPhone XR killer? - Vidozee

Pixel 3a + 3a XL Impressions: A Nexus for 2019, or Google's $399 iPhone XR killer?
Android Central — Published 2 months ago
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Google's first affordable Pixel phones are here! Say hello to the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL, starting at just $400 in the US!

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Android Central
Android Central So now that you've watched the video and seen the phones — what do you think? Did Google do a good job with the Pixel 3a series? Let's discuss!
jiujitsuclub818 I saw a lot of reviews about the pixel A XL. Your review touched on a lot of things that other reviewer said because they're factual but your video was the most informative. I purchased the phone confidently based on your review. I am an iPhone user and have been for the past three years. I've always owned Android. I love my iPhone because of the video quality and everything is very simplistic in terms of it just works. I have to say with all the updates and changes I am slowly creeping back to the pixel. I don't like Samsung or any other companies if I use a phone that has to be directly from them. I'm strictly iPhone or pixel. Thank you for the review.
Melissa Hannah
Melissa Hannah To be so LARGE you would think they would make the best phones . What is wrong with them ?????????
Isaac Ogbodo
Isaac Ogbodo Which is a better feel on the hand. Pixel 3a or the XL version? I'm asking because I'm not a fan of very big phones
Ken Fregien
Ken Fregien I'm interested in getting the 3axl , love the flat screen (do not like curved edge screens) great point you made about longevity which is why I'll wait 3-4 months then review updates on phones performance... by then it'll be black Friday and maybe catch a great price. Thanks , new sub