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Nick Ferrari on Brexit chaos - Vidozee

Nick Ferrari on Brexit chaos
Sky News — Published 10 months ago
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Nick Ferrari argues that Theresa May's "disastrous Chequers plan" has uniquely managed to offend all political parties, Remainers, Brexiters and even the EU.

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Kilgore Trout
Kilgore Trout Isn't that fat squaddy type bloke the one who cheated the boat crossign from France?
David Dack
David Dack Revoke Article 50 ..
Felix O
Felix O'Keefe This video title is almost correct. It should read: Brexit is chaos!
Russian Métropolitan
Russian Métropolitan Complète delusion
PurushaDesa Phil is an idiot out of his depth. But because he sounds a bit like that bloke down the pub that’s enough to give him a national platform.