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Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro Impressions: OnePlus 6T Killer? - Vidozee

Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro Impressions: OnePlus 6T Killer?
Android Central — Published 8 months ago
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Xiaomi's newly-launched UK flagship costs the same as the OnePlus 6T, but boasts more RAM and potentially better cameras. Could this be the flagship killer killer? More @

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L M I have this and get a days usage out of it no problem.

Numbers are not everything lol
MinBCraft Xiaomi shot themselves in the foot with this one, they have this mi8 pro but they also have a much cheaper Pocophone F1 which is way cheaper at 300$ and is quite superior in specs, it has an SD845, 4000mah battery, the only things your losing maybe is the design materials and the camera but other than that the Pocophone is clearly a superior phone here with its price and it’s specs compared to the mi8 pro
ThyGreek There's no made in USA phones anymore... 😢
daveyboi1983 The fact that Amazon has reduced the price of most flagships, such as the LG G7 to £400 oneplus don't seem that cheap anymore. The G7 is by far better than the oneplus 6t only difference is that oneplus made the right move going to Amoled.
SuperSperm But i dont think its 6t killer