School Night Routine! *Rich Girl vs Normal Girl* - Vidozee

School Night Routine! *Rich Girl vs Normal Girl*
Dan and Riya — Published 4 months ago
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Different types of girls have different school night routines. Especially when you compare a rich girl vs normal girl. Nights are crazy when you have to do homework, do chores and watch Netflix before bed. You can see and compare how these two girls get ready in the night before going to bed.

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kid flash
kid flash im just like tootsie/dan when im hungry at night i go downstairs and eat
John Lindor
John Lindor i go to bed when ever i want im so luky
Jeanette. Nacoda Holanda
Jeanette. Nacoda Holanda Hi. Vy. and. Chad
Elizabeth Cervantes
Elizabeth Cervantes I go to bed at 9:00 or 8:00
Nereida Alarcon
Nereida Alarcon I love when riya's dad says "what I am hungry" Tootsie: "let me join you"