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Trump and Pakistan: Why the US is taking aim at an ally - BBC News - Vidozee

Trump and Pakistan: Why the US is taking aim at an ally - BBC News
BBC News — Published 2 years ago
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With an incendiary tweet, Trump shifted America's approach to Pakistan – but will his strategy work?

The BBC spoke to Daniel Markey, author of No Exit From Pakistan and a research professor at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.

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Hamid Ullah
Hamid Ullah Pakistan has just 1 threat to its sovereignty ..that is complete control of a foreign country in Afghanistan... because once Afghanistan is occupied ... then Pakistan will suffer a lot...
PK Avenger
PK Avenger lol! Who said Pakistan is an ally of USA? Just because we Buy F-16s from USA does not mean we are ally, i mean India buy weapons from Russia so does that mean India is Russian ally? Of course not Pakistan also buy Equipment from Russia and also hold military exercise together. Pakistan also buy Modified Jet Engines from Russia to Build its own JF-17 thunder aircraft which recently shot down SU-30 and Mig 21 of Indian Air Force, i mean Su-30 is purely Russian but Pakistan JF-17 is powered by Russian Engine with Chinese Avionics which are highly top secret, you can even get accurate specs of Chinese Radar on internet, some of the Equipment is also from Western origin.
Zain XT
Zain XT For suck sake we ARE NOT FUNDING TERRORISM! We first created the Taliban as a “Military Group like a police force” but they came out as terrorist. So get your hair together USA you fucked up the country from electing Trump. Hate from Britain
SheikhA Jee
SheikhA Jee 1:22 she is right we have done it of course we will defend our muslim brothers AFGHAN TALIBAN are our brother
Jag Singh
Jag Singh Pakistan is no ally. Its the biggest exporter of terrorism in the world. Aim should be to denuclearise them.