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How Much Raw Garlic Should I Eat Every Day?
Fittbodies — Published 5 years ago
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How Much Raw Garlic Should I Eat Every Day? This video shows you how I eat my daily dose of raw garlic.

Love the Body You Live In!

Hi, I'm Stephenie Fitt. Thanks for tuning in to my latest video! I'm a fitness professional, clean eating enthusiast, breast cancer survivor, animal lover, and land-locked beach bum. I make videos about stuff I do to optimize my health. Hope you enjoy them!


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Mary Nordseth
Mary Nordseth I chop garlic on to a s a l a d, but this burns, so I'm trying it your way, pieces downed w/ water. Thanks, Been eating g. for many yrs.
this shit is bananasss
this shit is bananasss Damn your body looks good
Laura Dee
Laura Dee I started taking one garlic clove a day since this Monday but I put them in gel capsules because I couldn't take them with just water. Today I chopped two cloves and mixed it with hummus. I had to chew it. It was a bit unpleasant but I kind of liked it. Garlic scent and powerful taste but I don't know why it makes me think that by tasting it it's working better? So I don't have to feel the burning in my mouth? My reason for doing this is because I want to fix my gut biome so I'm taking this for prebiotics so I can follow it with probiotics. Next week I'm gonna start eating kimchi. I normally do a water fast and then a keto diet but I haven't been losing weight at all. I suspect it's because my gut bacteria biome is unbalanced.
Buck Spoon
Buck Spoon I grow elephant garlic I grate it up and make garlic butter.I use a lot. My garlic bread damn it's hot it sets me on fire!!!! Goes great with my homemade spaghetti!!!
Nur Nur
Nur Nur I love garlic so much.And in combination with olive oil I put it on my salad and I don't have problem chewing it. Thank you for your effort.