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Pool Swim Stroke Vs Open Water Triathlon Stroke | How Do They Differ? - Vidozee

Pool Swim Stroke Vs Open Water Triathlon Stroke | How Do They Differ?
Global Triathlon Network — Published 12 months ago
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There are different styles of freestyle and frontcrawl. Mark favours a more open water and triathlon swim stroke, whereas Heather favours a pool stroke. Which is more efficient and which stroke should you be using in your next triathlon?

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So what is the difference between Mark and Heather's front crawl stroke...

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Global Triathlon Network
Global Triathlon Network Do you have a different open water and pool stroke?
SUDIRMAN Riau What watch is that?
Roger Lahaye
Roger Lahaye I will stick to gliding if you don't mind. Pool or Open Water, no difference to me. If I see your cadences, my swim technique would go down the drain after 100 meters. I am somewhat older, so my heart rate zones are automatically narrower. Impossible to built an endurance performance WITH speed upon. But nevertheless I am in awe of watching you. The same goes for good cyclists and runners. Like GTN items very much!!!
805coach your content is so helpful ! i'm just getting back into swimming and trying to train for a sprint tri . i watch all the swimming videos i can . Heather is so cool and awesome !!!
Nigel Crowther
Nigel Crowther Great vid. Now I finally understand why open water technique is so important for open water swimming! One point you missed though. Pool stroke is great for a pool training session with 5 others in your lane. Less chance of arm clash!