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'I marched in a North Korea parade' - BBC News - Vidozee

'I marched in a North Korea parade' - BBC News
BBC News — Published 10 months ago
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Kim Ji-young, who defected in 2013, talks about what it's like to take part in a North Korean military parade.
In the lead-up, she says, North Korea's capital Pyongyang "almost stops working".

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Johann Äpfelburg
Johann Äpfelburg How does the fire get caught by their shirt? As far as I know Germany's Großer Zapfenstreich has a torch procession, but seemingly no one gets their shirts burnt there.
EmperorGabeYT I legit learnt how to march like a north korean and its not hard when you get the hang of it (and yes I marched for a long time to replicate the parade)
Emperor Xander
Emperor Xander I actually marched for a LONG time, she is weak (I goosed stepped)
北国の春 한국에서도 저 짓 많이 했다.
전두환 해외 갔다 오면 길거리 늘어서서 태극기 흔들고 개지럴했다. 박정희는 더 심했다더먼.
탈북자 애들은 자본주의로 자기 조국 헐뜯어야 먹고 살수 있다는 강박이 있는 듯. 그냥 너그들이 자라고 부모 형제가 숨쉬는 하늘인데 그렇게 뻥까지 치면서 뭉게냐. 한국인도 일본 미국 수 만명 밀항했지만 고향과 조국에 대한 그리움은 표현했지만 욕하는 사람은 없었다.
doubanjiang What a total babe! Would love to see her goose step in a bikini!