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The BEST Android Phones - Jan 2019 - Vidozee

The BEST Android Phones - Jan 2019
Android Central — Published 5 months ago
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Where to buy the best of the best in Android:

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John Dough
John Dough Android phones re pieces of shit, system updste, system android its the worst goddamn product i ever bought. I truly have not hated a product morenthan the assholes who made this piece of shit phone and honest to god i hope this company plummets into the ground worse than Myspace and AOL. if i hax cash id pay ppl not to buy thisnl garbage phone
cloud bear
cloud bear I have a note nine and I have been with Samsung scince Samsung had the first galexy. Love samsung. 😎😁
Tabitha Fritz
Tabitha Fritz They invest what they don’t use on the camera into not breaking when you sit on the phone.
DebbyAbqNM If the "oneplus 6t" is "60% of the price" and Amazon has it for between $499.99 and $829, I'd hate to have to look up the prices of the other phones, if the channel had put a list of the phones under the video. I guess price is the reason they dared not do that. Useless video.
Tangwo Basi
Tangwo Basi Awesome