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Tapper on Trump's answer: Do you have any idea what he's saying? - Vidozee

Tapper on Trump's answer: Do you have any idea what he's saying?
CNN — Published 6 days ago
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CNN's Jake Tapper and Guardian reporter Sabrina Siddiqui react to President Donald Trump's confusing statements about spying on North Korea. #CNN #News

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Christian Scott
Christian Scott 2:48 American flag says, “why do I smell like a grizzly bear just crapped nearby and wiped his ass on me?”

The reason Trump’s messages are so mixed is that he genuinely has no idea of what he’s supposed to know - and doesn’t even know enough to know not to speak when he doesn’t know!
Amer Iskandar
Amer Iskandar And the whole world is watching, America 😉
Lynne Shibley
Lynne Shibley This {man} President is out of touch with reality. Get him out ASAP before he does more damage. SOS!!
Longhorn Fan Forever
Longhorn Fan Forever A bold face freaking liar. Makes me sick to my stomach.
pal pay
pal pay trump said politicians can talk with foreign parties. thats true. then if somethings wrong call fbi. like the career politicians that are worth 45 million that never worked in free market. or the private sector that was never free.