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Guy builds working hoverbike in garage - Vidozee

Guy builds working hoverbike in garage
Flyt Aerospace — Published 2 years ago
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This is my invention, the FlytCycle. It's a fully functional hover bike that was constructed in just 3 weeks. So far we've flown it hundreds of times and it's a ton of fun to fly around! We thought you'd enjoy seeing it in action!

It's a VTOL personal flying aircraft that's essentially a manned drone. Of course it's a bit more complicated than that but operates on the same basic principles.

You ca...

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MadbatThe1st Even a sudden drop from 5 feet can give you spinal damage if something goes wonky, I hope you have shocks.
Rolly Your legs bro!!
John Averick
John Averick And how much rukus and racket this thing makes !
John Averick
John Averick Not to be negative, Just the truth. That sucker would be way to loud to be around long with all that prop action going on. Hence the music instead of the genuine sound of what is going on here.
PeterBergen A finished version of this could be a great piece of equipment for rescueteams to move injured people from difficult terrain.