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Six years of Nexus: A Google phone history - Vidozee

Six years of Nexus: A Google phone history
Android Police — Published 3 years ago
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What do you guys think about the possible end to the Nexus branded smartphone? We have heard reports of a possible Nexus tablet made by Huawei, but what about the phones? Let us know your thoughts!

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Nick Govoni
Nick Govoni Just now seeing this video in June 24th 2019, I just got the budget phone Google Pixel 3A XL, I had Nexus phones, loved them all, this phone feels like a Nexus in a different skin. Or case, what ever, but it's funny, they should've colored the X like Nexus in the Pixel. Then the move would've made sense.
Fernando Aquino
Fernando Aquino Boi, if Xiaomi made a Nexus/Pixel phone...
Hisham Abdul Hadi
Hisham Abdul Hadi 2016 kids: I'm watching on my iphone 5s
2019 kids: iM wAtChIng oN mY iPhOne xS mAx

Me: (secretly watches this on s10 plus)

Asim Shaiban
Asim Shaiban I bought nexus one at it’s lunched date it was too great at first but the phone was defected one year later seriously 😳
Chief Steph
Chief Steph Music? (I know Lakey, but i cant figure out Kron and Otis)