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Apple Killed the Mac Mini. - Vidozee

Apple Killed the Mac Mini.
Linus Tech Tips — Published 7 months ago
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It’s been YEARS since Apple has released an update to the Mac Mini, the most AFFORDABLE Mac available… But it’s not so affordable anymore. So who’s it for now?

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cameriqueTV can you run Windows on Parallels/Boot Camp with it?
Felipe M
Felipe M Linus you are kind of smart not that much, but throwing shade on Mac OS makes you look like a total moron. Use the os for a week and you will hate windows for the rest of your life. I mean I hate apple but their os is the best.
bonga journey
bonga journey I bought Mac Weldon and put random 32 GB ram on it..
craftnut Linus made a good sponsor segway for once! Hurray!
Jasmine White
Jasmine White I like mac better than Windows it’s like every week or so something gone wrong with Windows