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Dr. Ben Carson addresses the Republican National Convention - Vidozee

Dr. Ben Carson addresses the Republican National Convention
Fox News — Published 3 years ago
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Former Republican presidential candidate warns of a possible Hillary Clinton presidency

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Timothy Lewis Bullock
Timothy Lewis Bullock Now after Trump serves his next term the country will need a prediseser. Mr. Carson I hope you run for president in 2024. You'll have my vote. God bless AMERICA!!!!!!???? Suck it Democrats.
Peter Kamacho
Peter Kamacho Between 0:30 and 0:35 you can see Eric Andre dressed up as a Freedom Girl. He's in the back rightish.
j b
j b Ben Carson has more class and intelligence in his pinky finger than these psychos and jackasses in the dem party possess in their bodies
combined - esp the freshman Congress folks. The proof is to look at the states and cities dems "manage and/or run."
Purple Rain
Purple Rain Yes i am close eyes dump coonboy..
Rick Hovelsrud
Rick Hovelsrud he removed his own brain I think