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Hillary Clinton Never Had To Steal Things From Obama's Desk - Vidozee

Hillary Clinton Never Had To Steal Things From Obama's Desk
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert — Published 10 months ago
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Former Secretary of State and 'What Happened' author Hillary Clinton says that, unlike the author of the anonymous NYT op-ed, she never had to steal a treaty from President Obama's desk.

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Julie Ann Racino
Julie Ann Racino Thanks to Stephen Colbert for introducing Hillary Clinton's experience in a minute, and then way back to her role with Nixon as an attorney and the Judiciary Committee. Qualifications in that regard were short during the political campaign for US 2020 Presidential. Julie Ann Racino, ASPA, 2019
phildenbelg belg
phildenbelg belg GAME OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Loam Bart
Loam Bart War criminal.
Lady Anonymous
Lady Anonymous Here is a very shortened list of the victims of the Clintons. You can type their names in the search box above to learn more about them: Kevin Ives, Don Henry, Danney Williams, Keith Coney, Gregory Collins, Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, Leslie Millwee, Kathy Shelton, Kathleen Willey, Joe Connor and many more.
Lady Anonymous
Lady Anonymous Go and educate yourselves for 19 minutes, you low IQ Stephen Colbert fans! Type in "Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal" into the search box above so that you can learn about a small fraction of the crimes Clinton has committed over her four-decade crime spree. I can't post the link here, because Colbert censors his comment section like the coward that he is.