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Powerpuff Girls | The Mayor's New Assistant | Cartoon Network
The Powerpuff Girls — Published 3 years ago
Likes: 3, 889 — Dislikes: 336
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Sugar, spice, and everything nice, these were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little girls but Professor Utonium accidentally added an extra ingredien...

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Jenny Kim
Jenny Kim Wait if the lazers were off why didn't barberous go through there
Officer Tom
Officer Tom There was even no need to turn off the lasers of Barbarus' cell because she just broke through the wall! So she could have done that long ago to break out of prison!
Officer Tom
Officer Tom Somehow a lot of video games appear in the newer Powerpuff Girls episodes...
Gatcha gurl Playz
Gatcha gurl Playz 7 day-
8 days later
Lexy Lexy
Lexy Lexy The store owner at the first store is so blind