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Will $15000 Of Bullet Proof Glass Stop A 50 Cal? -

Jason got his hands on the bullet proof glass from an old bank so we went out to put it to the test! We put it up against lots of common calibers and even a 50 cal and full auto glock!

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"eye of the GNARwhal" is a segment that takes you a little deeper into my life. I have been filming random shenanigans since I was in 8th grade and there is a lot of stuff that I think is interesting and good content, but doesn't necessarily fall under the criteria of a viral video. These are those videos that I think you subscribers will still enjoy. It may sometimes be in a vlog style, it may be an action sports or high adventure edit, it could very possibly be a compilation of random crap, but no matter what they'll be here, waiting for your view.

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