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What happened in the Massachusetts suicide texting case - Vidozee

What happened in the Massachusetts suicide texting case
ABC News — Published 2 years ago
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Michelle Carter was 17 when she was Conrad Roy III's girlfriend and sent him texts urging him to commit suicide.

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Landon Maltba
Landon Maltba In my opinion the family is most at fault
runeplate123 Evil CUNT!!!
Samantha Sheehan
Samantha Sheehan Her eye brows really bother me 🤔🤔🤔
Patrick Hutson
Patrick Hutson Depression kills.
Christie Palm tree
Christie Palm tree Wow the aunt seems bitter. Just lose some weight instead of taking your anger out on others. She’s gonna milk this suicide case to gain attention for the rest of her life, I just know it. Funny how you can read people so quickly. Just try to look better and you’ll feel better! You know the increasing levels of antidepressant use correlates with increasing rates of obesity.....