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Nest Hub Max hands-on: Great ideas, better execution - Vidozee

Nest Hub Max hands-on: Great ideas, better execution
Android Central — Published 2 months ago
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Google has rebranded its smart displays under the Nest name, and the Hub Max is a bigger, louder Home Hub with facial recognition and tracking.

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Roy Eastham
Roy Eastham Got my Nest Hub for $99.99.
Michael koenig
Michael koenig Can it get much louder than a Google Home?
Chemy Torres
Chemy Torres I like this kind of devices to be honest, I don't care about privacy in the way that I won't be putting in a private place at home
LeicaGermanShepherd will avoid google crap like the plague, ugly suff, they are taking away all compatability with other smart devices like amazon alexa.
JogBird the Google NSA Hub Max