미국 / 영국 / 호주 영어의 다양한 단어 차이 [KoreanBilly’s English] - Vidozee

미국 / 영국 / 호주 영어의 다양한 단어 차이 [KoreanBilly’s English]
KoreanBilly's English — Published 2 years ago
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코리안빌리 공식 팬 / 후원 페이지 멤버미 가입하기:

Part 2 시청하기:

구독하여 영어 공부 영상 더 받아보기:

여러분 안녕하세요!
오늘은 저 코리안 빌리와 아메리칸 존, 브리티쉬 샘, 오스트레일리안 벨라가 함께 미국, 영국, 호주...

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Gabriele Di Lazzaro
Gabriele Di Lazzaro These guys: having a conversation about words

Me: laughs in Italian-ish Canadian
O Egyptians do the same thing (admittedly lower middle class and lower class) where they shorten words but they only shorten English words. Like they say Face instead of Facebook, What's instead of What's App for example
drewinvi off lincse are shops start when the pubs and restaurant which will be licenced by the councils.
Xander Cameron
Xander Cameron McDonald’s I legit don’t think I’ve said that word in the past 4 years, everyone just calls it maccies 🤷🏽‍♂️
Xander Cameron
Xander Cameron Who even calls a sandwich a sarnie in the uk?
Like seriously I just say I’m having a butty or a sandwich. Sarnie sounds like it should be from Australia not london 😂