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The World Leader in Counterfeiting: Lima's Fake Dollars - Vidozee

The World Leader in Counterfeiting: Lima's Fake Dollars
VICE News — Published 3 years ago
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Peru is the number one producer of counterfeit US dollars in the world. In 2015, just over 16 million forged bills seized in the US were of Peruvian origin, according to the US Secret Service. Millions of counterfeit euros and Peruvian soles have also been seized by police in Peru.

The forged dollars are finished by hand, giving them an exceptional quality which has earned the country its top spot as leader of thi...

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VICE News Fernando Lucena goes undercover for VICE News to expose the illegal trade in counterfeit money and gets rare access to the criminal forgers who show us how these bills are made.
Draven 6:00 damn vice. Doing all the shady shit.
No seat belt on either?
Nikola Glisic
Nikola Glisic How fucked would it be if he had two counterfeit pens and they worked opposite from each other, and they looked the same.
Ruly Tores
Ruly Tores These people are doing the same thing as the US Banksters and the US FED, print paper dollars and give the value out of Magic, this is no different than the Bailing out of the Bankrupt Banksters in The US of Ambesia .
Philip BadAwesome
Philip BadAwesome How is it fake notes? It’s the same fiat any central bank shits out.