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Filibuster: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
LastWeekTonight — Published 1 week ago
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John Oliver explains why filibusters exist, why they shouldn't, and why it's stupid to drink coffee like a cat.

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Sai Anand
Sai Anand Did anybody else think of the video for Nobody Speak ( ) when he spoke about senators brawling mid-session?
lordblazer Obama is Black. therefore the filibuster will be weaponized to ridiculous levels of abuse to restore a norm of white supremacy.
RV Traveler61
RV Traveler61 I am here to educate you simple minded Democrats Communists and Socialists, so bring on all your nonsense lies and Propaganda, I enjoy smacking you around with facts, Get wise MOFOs get on the trump train and Vote for the Greatest president of Our Time Donald J. Trump        2020 is just around the corner.
Azure Balmung
Azure Balmung "When I saw him reading Green Eggs and Ham, I decided that he only time I'd ever listen to him speak if he was wearing aluminum foil on his head." - Lewis Black
Pablo Quijada Salazar
Pablo Quijada Salazar 3:40 oh wow it’s Ryan Gosling’s past identity!