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Is this the cheapest commute in the world? - BBC News - Vidozee

Is this the cheapest commute in the world? - BBC News
BBC News — Published 10 months ago
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Sanjay Waghela built a makeshift raft to help people cross a filthy canal in the Indian city of Mumbai - saving them time and money.
A ride costs just two rupees ($0.029).
Produced by BBC Gujarati's Kinjal Pandya-Wagh; Filmed and Edited by Sharad Badhe
Additional editing by Parvaz Lone

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star star
star star O u British and your Pakistanis
star star
star star SO BBC always find out poorest people in INDIA. Did you get the news we will have big GDP than UK and standard also improve slowly
Uma Richmond
Uma Richmond How about elevating him to Minister of Transporation (surely he is smart)
vivek sharma
vivek sharma Bbc Back at it again showing india in a Bad Daylight.. We Just Put your Two Satellite's in Space.. why you haven't talked about it yet ??
kingsofserbiangameplay 162
kingsofserbiangameplay 162 That's what's called public transport.