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Vegas massacre survivor to gun advocate: You go dodge bullets - Vidozee

Vegas massacre survivor to gun advocate: You go dodge bullets
CNN — Published 12 months ago
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A gun rights advocate and a survivor of the Las Vegas mass shooting discuss the potential impact of 3D-printed guns, after a federal judge issued a temporary restraining order blocking the federal government from allowing distribution of downloadable blueprints.

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Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones When the constitution was signed it took a matter of minutes to take multiple shots, now guns can fire dozens of shots in seconds, maybe after 200+ years of technological advancement the 2nd amendment doesn't hold up anymore.
Peter Sciacca
Peter Sciacca I'll bet my useless degree that the reporter and the "survivor" don't know the difference between an "assault" weapon and a the 5 or more other kinds of firearms there are.
bryan thomas
bryan thomas You are just a bitch if your reaction to being shot at isn't "I need to arm myself so if this happens again I can shoot back". Don't be like the kid in school that gets bullied because he won't grow a pair get aggressive and fight back. Criminals will always get their hands on whatever weapons they need to carry out their evil deeds and after you have trampled all over our second amendment you will see the shootings will just continue on with the same numbers.
Joe Anderson
Joe Anderson This guys is a pussy 😂😂
Jill Morrow
Jill Morrow Until you call American school mass shootings, terrorist attacks, you should STFU about Paris.