Coping with our daughter's new face - BBC News - Vidozee

Coping with our daughter's new face - BBC News
BBC News — Published 11 months ago
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Katie and her parents describe what it has been like adjusting to life since she underwent a face transplant last year.
Colm Flynn interviewed the family in Cleveland, where the 22-year-old is recovering.
Edited by Angélica M Casas

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Tommy Biggers
Tommy Biggers So sad.
Jimmy P Torres
Jimmy P Torres Ah that sucks
swerxvy Task failed successfully
Jane Marsee
Jane Marsee She was such a beauty. Why, oh why, did she not want to live. She would not have survived my childhood. Perhaps we baby our children too much for too long.
Jerzygirl Now she really does have a reason to kill herself...fuck that