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OnePlus 6T: First 6 Things To Do After Unboxing! - Vidozee

OnePlus 6T: First 6 Things To Do After Unboxing!
Android Central — Published 7 months ago
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The #OnePlus6T is a great phone, with a TON of new features to get to grips with. Here's the top six you'll want to check out after opening up your new phone! More @

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Yours lovingly
Yours lovingly Why the heck 6gb ram is more costly than the 8gb ram nowadays...😂
JKirbyD At first I hate that they removed the 3.5mm jack and doesnt support microsd, but I really like the simple ui.
Gireesh Nair
Gireesh Nair bloody crap
Arjun Ingole
Arjun Ingole People who don't have a budget to buy 6T hit the like button.
Nicole F
Nicole F Watching it from my good old oneplus one. The 6T is arriving soon.