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We Took A DNA Test • Ladylike - Vidozee

We Took A DNA Test • Ladylike
Ladylike — Published 2 years ago
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Can you handle the truth?

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yalonda hardaway
yalonda hardaway I purchased my test 6 months ago.I haven’t taken it yet.Im so afraid of what my results will be.Ive tracked my mothers side back to slavery.I want to be 97% African decent but it’s unlikely.So I’m just going to continue to wait
Matylda Kochanek
Matylda Kochanek OMG Same devin im 50% Polish but the other half is english🐇
Olivia Creed
Olivia Creed I didn’t do a 23 and me buuuuut I did do an ancestry dna kit
FanTaesy xoxoxo
FanTaesy xoxoxo Am I the only one who didn't know Freddie's real name was Fredricka? 8:24
Grace I’m part Native American Daniel boon is my cousin