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The cheap Chinese bulb that won't turn off
Steve Mould — Published 4 months ago
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Check out Mehdi's video over on ElectroBOOM here:

These LED bulbs will continue to draw power from the mains indefinitely even once they're switched off and the circuit is b...

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Intellectual Iconoclasm
Intellectual Iconoclasm You HAVE changed the diagram because the additional wiring is an inductions coil.
Wayne Davis
Wayne Davis I believe that all the wiring is acting like an antenna and the ground in the home is allowing a crystal radio affect on the LED bulbs, capacitors will deplete after they lose their charge.
roman kalinchuk
roman kalinchuk This is not wasting any more power than a standard bulb, so no need to worry about it costing you money. The led is just very efficient, so its able to glow from that tiny amount of current. Other led bulbs would probably have a voltage cutoff to prevent the glow, but they would not work with a dimmer circuit. I've had dim-able leds that would glow very faintly when turned off. Not bright enough to bother anyone, though.
E_M_E_T aluminiumum
Pedro Mendonca
Pedro Mendonca Spilling water out of a syringe over a power outlet. Are you mad? Or should I say: are you Mehdi?!