I Don't Need Everyone to Like Me! - Bill Burr - Vidozee

I Don't Need Everyone to Like Me! -  Bill Burr
JRE Clips — Published 2 weeks ago
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Taken from JRE #1348 w/Bill Burr:

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Pallav Mohan
Pallav Mohan that is so true
Marty Yep. Miniority. VOCAL!! In their jammies in their mom's basement. Whatever.
chuchaqui1000 We love you Bill! Dont ever let these jobless PC losers get in your head.. they are completely irrelevant
dbznappa OK, you guys train in rooms to auditoriums to perfect your routine for your netflix specials... at least half your fans aren't in the US... we will never have an opportunity to go see you "throwing shit against the wall"... so stfu and get back to work, we are out here like junkies waitng for the next Burr or Rogen special to drop!!
I understand you got other shit going on.... but we are fucking STARVING out here!!
G F You can't hate bill burr! Just impossible