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Navarro files her nails during border wall debate - Vidozee

Navarro files her nails during border wall debate
CNN — Published 6 months ago
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Conservative political commentators Steve Cortes and Ana Navarro debate immigration and President Trump's proposal for a wall along the US-Mexico border. #CNN #News

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Steven Fifield
Steven Fifield Chris Cuomo is an idiot
monkey business
monkey business Vote potus out and this mess will go away.
Bryon Allen
Bryon Allen the white man did take there shit. but it's not then it's now. we the people is everyone every race . now we are American men and women. and we should not let are politicians screw us Americans. bottom line.
Shuester84 Shame on you, Ana. CNN pays you the big bucks so that listeners from across the globe may hear professionals offer their viewpoints and interpretations of current events. The mark of a TRUE professional is one that can make a counter-argument in a manner that shows their opposition respect at [all] times, regardless of how different their views may be. That being said, if you insist on acting like such a disrespectful, immature, and unprofessional little brat, please step down ASAP; there are a million other commentators that are capable of acting in a vastly different manner that would relish an opportunity to exhibit their talents on an international stage like CNN.
Noble Pearson Bey
Noble Pearson Bey What about the immigrants from 1600 who were criminals and the worst sent here from everywhere except these Great Territories called America, North, Central, and South America which by the way, Was called Amexem or Al Moroc oh did I say that...