I was BLINDED by a CAT BUTT (Exploding Kittens Card Game) - Vidozee

I was BLINDED by a CAT BUTT (Exploding Kittens Card Game)
SSundee — Published 2 weeks ago
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Today we play the Card game EXPLODING Kittens!
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BananaCupCake s
BananaCupCake s Play unstable unicorns
Spolow 18
Spolow 18 Do another video i loved it
Gaming Guy
Gaming Guy Please play this more ssundee plzzzzzzzzzz
zahyr cepeda
zahyr cepeda Was he playing on phone
Kaitlyn :3
Kaitlyn :3 Okay so I somehow managed to trick my Grandma and my Sister into thinking I had junky cards two whole rounds. Every defuser I picked up I said “aww man a Taco cat again!” With a sad face. Then I snagged my sisters defuser one time so I had 4 in total and won. When I showed my deck at the end they were shocked and still fell for it the next round