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Hands on with the first bendy phone - BBC News - Vidozee

Hands on with the first bendy phone - BBC News
BBC News — Published 6 months ago
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Royole is heading to the CES tech trade show in Las Vegas to show off the world's first commercially available flexible phone.

A "developer's version" of the handset was put on sale late last year, beating more established device-makers to the punch.

BBC Click's Dan Simmons tried the device and shared his thoughts.

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Montoya E. time
Montoya E. time Then apple will end up copying
WATCHING THE WATCHERS Why would I need this? Why not have a phone and tablet for a fraction of the cost of this gimmick? Also my tablet bends, I'll do It now nfkjjjsklzkkkmnnd kkkllsmnnx d kkkdjmnsnnd xkkkxmnnx mmxmmmmmkkk tablet lmsmm I just broke my thjskknfnnf tablet 😐
Patricia Shaw
Patricia Shaw Bias bbc rubbish again.
Hafwen Lal
Hafwen Lal so cool !