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Shutdown stalls bill to address missing Native American women - Vidozee

Shutdown stalls bill to address missing Native American women
CNN — Published 6 months ago
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CNN's Brooke Baldwin speaks with former North Dakota Senator Heidi Heitkamp about Savanna's Act, potentially life-saving legislation designed to address violence against Native American women, and how it's being impacted by the shutdown. #CNN #News

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Alex chavez
Alex chavez Like I said minorities better get strapped up dumbasses y’all should learn this we are prisoners in our own home and land🙄🤦‍♂️💀
julz Siii
julz Siii Didn’t they find couple of native women being auctioned on a cruise ship around 6months ago??? I can’t find the story but i know i saw it on the news. Trying to find more info on this:
Rex Wang
Rex Wang LMAO 1:07
Ron Tanyan
Ron Tanyan “Getting killed” sounds like it’s our (Native Americans woman), fault, we are getting killed. It’s great CNN is giving air time but let’s call it what it is, Murder. We’re being Murdered, not getting killed, what, Let’s call it what it is and scream for justice.
Ahree Allen
Ahree Allen Breaks my heart to hear all these indigenous women going missing 💔