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Lilly Singh Teaches You Canadian Slang | Vanity Fair
Vanity Fair — Published 2 months ago
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Lilly Singh tests her knowledge of Canadian Slang. From "ting" to "dun kno", she takes you through some of the most common of Candian slang phrases.

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905-hitman Fam this is Toronto slang. No one uses this outside of Toronto (or the uk)
Vonda Leila
Vonda Leila I’ve lived in Toronto for a very long time and I don’t know wtf she’s talking about
dania fuentes
dania fuentes Omg I hate this 😭😭😭
pknoblock1993 Link up?? Soccer moms all throughout America use link up lol
Jessica Winslet
Jessica Winslet She's a bit disconnected with new slang LOL and NO-body calls "The US" America, another thing she's totally disconnected. We just say The US, as America means the entire continent of America, YES, including us.