Joe Biden: If I'm elected, we're going to cure cancer - Vidozee

Joe Biden: If I'm elected, we're going to cure cancer
CNN — Published 3 months ago
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At a campaign rally, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden told the crowd that if he is elected President, "we're going to cure cancer." CNN's Kate Bolduan presses Biden campaign co-chairman Rep. Cedric Richmond on Biden's promise. #CNN #News

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Strange Sightings
Strange Sightings That's what She Democrats do is lie all the time lie after lie
Strange Sightings
Strange Sightings Cancer can't be cured it's in the food we eat that causes cancer. Scientist don't even know how the human body works, There's not even a cure for a common cold but he will cure cancer yeah ok will not happen Trump 2020
Max Cirillo
Max Cirillo Cure dementia before you gets worse.
Gary Prather
Gary Prather If he knows how to cure cancer how could he withhold this knowledge if we don't elect him. If he cannot cure it if we don't elect him then how could he if we do? Unless the elites are causing us to get cancer to control the population while using us as guinea pigs to find cures for themselves.
Lynda Auwi
Lynda Auwi Uncle Joe's desperate!