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Kanye West visits Trump in Oval Office at the White House - Vidozee

Kanye West visits Trump in Oval Office at the White House
CBSN — Published 8 months ago
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Kanye West visited President Trump for lunch at the White House on Thursday to discuss prison reform and other issues. Wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat, West spoke to reporters in the Oval Office while seated across from the president, who was nearly speechless as the rapper held forth on topics including jobs, prison sentencing and his own mental health.

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They Said My Voice Was Powerful
They Said My Voice Was Powerful Kanye west is under mind control the movie get out is a real life scene to what the kardashians did to him!!
destroyer 911
destroyer 911 Trump is trying to understand Kanye 😆
Diamani Marsh
Diamani Marsh That stupid argggggg !!!!!!!!!!🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️
N J.
N J. Shamefully this footage will forever follow Kanye. And sitting there,regretting every moment he came. Sitting there wondering WHAT LANGUAGE IS THIS? WHERE'S THE ENGLISH INTERPRETER?
Joseph DuPont
Joseph DuPont en the surgeon generals of the past administrations to no avail about two interesting items.
1. you have black athletes pushing milk to the public when about 70% of blacks are lactose intolerant. And apparently most blacks living North of Florida are deficient in Vitamin D.
I would like to see Donald Trump to be the first president to show true concern for the health of blacks. To do a study to confirm this and to give free vitamin D to all Americans. I think you could bring this to the attention of the American Public.