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Deadliest Journeys - China : The dizzy valley of the forgotten - Vidozee

Deadliest Journeys - China : The dizzy valley of the forgotten
Best Documentary — Published 1 year ago
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The Duong valley road is the only means of access between China, Burma and Tibet. A road that is paved over the first thirty kilometres, but which quickly turns into an extremely perilous track. It’s considered the most dangerous road in China. Landslides, difficult passages where it’s impossible for vehicles to pass, mud, tunnels that are too narrow, there’s no respite for drivers. The road demands the highest concentra...

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James Lade
James Lade Save money and risk your life. Wow
James Lade
James Lade Hunting in the dark and risking your lives driving on a road. These people really have a tough life
Rain Rain
Rain Rain The narrator is making me laugh, I feel like my dad is reading me my bedtime story.
toobalkain very interesting but what was this shot with, Nokias from 1980s had better cameras.
Rebecca Swilling
Rebecca Swilling Wow ppl live such hard lives. I’m thankful everyday that I was born in America. God bless these ppl