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Unblocking India's sewers... by hand - BBC News - Vidozee

Unblocking India's sewers... by hand - BBC News
BBC News — Published 8 months ago
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It's dirty work but somebody has got to do it - except that the practice of people removing human excrement and sewage with their bare hands was made illegal in India 25 years ago.

That doesn't mean people have stopped doing it. It’s called ‘manual scavenging’ and the Indian government estimates that there are about 600,000 ‘manual scavengers’ in the country.

Official estimates say that one ...

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Pasir Sand
Pasir Sand caste system
munjal vishal
munjal vishal If only our government was ready to spend some money in developing a proper mechanism for unblocking sewage system rather than running in the race for building the world's largest statue. I saw a video like this which was filmed in 2017 and here we are today, nothing has changed. Hats off to my "Swachh Bharat." Nice video though.
Ron Dobson
Ron Dobson Mike Rowe needs to show these Indians how it's done
P B Show me one BBC news where they appreciate India, Same with Al Jazeera too. Don't believe me ...!!!! follow India news every day in BBC Websites. OK atleast, Just check now...!! Judge Headlines... google India BBC news NOW . Let me know back if i am wrong.

Too much democracy allows every one to take advantage of India, Has become easy target. Still don't believe me..... google China news on BBC.
Every country has problems and there is perception and perspective to every thing. Any one watching this video please understand, this is a polarized negative view of BBC towards India.
Arun Mohan
Arun Mohan ye BBC channel benchod jab bhi india ke baarein mein video dalenge tho hamesha ek sadela background music dalega, log sandas karte hue dikayega, jhopadpatti dikayega, ek do monkey, cow dikengye..slums ka ek total video dikeynge, lavde log..