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10 Creepy Photos with DISTURBING Backstories - Vidozee

10 Creepy Photos with DISTURBING Backstories
Lazy Masquerade — Published 1 year ago
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A picture's worth a thousand words, but some leave us with a million questions. Here are 10 truly disturbing photographs with creepy backstories. Warning: some of these are truly scary!

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Lazy Masquerade
Lazy Masquerade So it has officially been 3 years since I started posting horror content on YouTube. Whether you're a new follower, or you've been with me from the start... thanks :)
Cody Hawkins
Cody Hawkins Why is Bill Maher in the fucking LBJ picture
Huon Turnbull
Huon Turnbull I live in Brisbane ( two hours north of the Gold Coast ) and I remember when the incident with the tinder date happened, it was a shock to the entire Queensland community, now before you ask what am I, a traditionalist doing on a video like this ? I just saw one of this guy's comments on a doco so I followed it back to his channel and now I am here.
No Need
No Need Tell me what difference is between ISIS and American soldiers?

Dirty evil mother fuckers!
EpicSexGay Dude, i get that you have heard of the vietnam war as your country was the one who went to fight (and luckily lost) that war, but dont just assume the rest of the world knows about any of that. All i know as a European is that sometime in the past 100 years you went to vietnam and later went back home a few heads shorter