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NERF Prison Escape Challenge! (Funny)
Preston — Published 3 months ago
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NERF Prison Escape Challenge! (Funny) with Preston 👊

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Ava Jane
Ava Jane Preston I got I just seen this cuz I love your channels ice I just watch it every day after school that'sI love your show videos but it looks like you're locked up right now being tired of putting in a box like I don't care about that I just care about you look I don't care about you and look butyou are the goodest YouTuber on the YouTube I'm giving you twenty thousand likes on your videos and if you do that if you get twenty thousand likes I'll tell you my name can you won't believe it it is Lacie is my name. Lacie
215071 rojas
215071 rojas Keith: Ahh Bri that's a great idea but Barney we don't have any diamonds to pay the Navy because we got that diamonds missing.
See the mistake of Bri

Well if your new to this channel Bri is Brianna which is Preston's wife
If your new to this channel leave a like a subscribe
coolangus 304
coolangus 304 Preston your videos are epic
Ezekiel Allebone
Ezekiel Allebone Amazing video
Ashley Kowal
Ashley Kowal big fan