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Special report: Britain's great depression? - Vidozee

Special report: Britain's great depression?
Sky News — Published 9 months ago
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Analysis by Sky News of different recessions throughout UK and US history has found that the UK's recovery is now weaker than the American recovery after the Wall Street Crash of 1929.

The former head of the CBI and the Financial Services Authority, Lord Turner, told Sky News that something has gone "deeply wrong" with capitalism.

He said: "We have a whole load of people who in 2018 have real wages wh...

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Fast Cars
Fast Cars Labours plan is to bring back manufacturing? Come on give me a break! I live in a town that has been run by labour for over 80 years. Has anything changed? Nope! The whole country is also being run by labour, just like Scotland is run by the SNP. Has there been any improvement under labour? Nope! So electing Jeremy Corbin won’t make any difference.
motorxr46 Low productivity is definitely a real issue and the banks should have been allowed to fail. Spending the bailout of infrastructure is the best idea I've heard. incentivize people to work rebuilding their country.
Linda Freeman
Linda Freeman These cows -May included are no match for the global bankers and their banking system. That is why the bankers run them for office.
Linda Freeman
Linda Freeman The Bankers are bringing down the house. All economies will fail soon no jobs no hope just debt piled upon debt and these bankers holding all the wealth that THEY created for themselves
emergerq Money in the current form is fake! Money is simply a form of confidence but nowadays it's not even backed by anything hence it will eventually go to its true value. ZERO