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Phil Campion on foreign aid - Vidozee

Phil Campion on foreign aid
Sky News — Published 10 months ago
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Should Britain stop giving aid to India?

Phil Campion argues it's "insane" that Britain gives £98 million of aid to a country which has a nuclear programme, a space programme and a thriving movie industry.

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jammysingh According to these peabrains idiots, American poodle Britain funds everything in India, ISRO, Nuclear Tech, Poverty Go ahead and keep doing great work India. Let the dogs bark!
sunil dutt
sunil dutt stop giving aid to India all aid goes to Christian missionaries they using it wrong way converting indigenous people building churches they actually don't give aid to government of India but other missionaries
Kaushik Roy
Kaushik Roy Hehe that so called aid is just some peanuts... 😂😂😂
Saikiran Dasnaik
Saikiran Dasnaik Your aid.. Is equal to our fertilize subsidies.. That INDIAN govt give to our farmers
Saikiran Dasnaik
Saikiran Dasnaik We also..give aid to some..poor countries.. From INDIA ..